Understand Users' Intention

With SeeSo's eye tracking and gaze analytics, you can know
when users are looking, where they are looking, and for how long all in real-time.

Increase your revenue

Understand Users' Intention

By utilizing SeeSo's proprietary visual concentration, gauge users' interest and increase revenue.
Optimize your marketing and re-targeting with gaze data.

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Use cases & Posts
Three smartphones showcasing the gaze analysis on the SeeSo Web Analysis app

Validating Users

Knowing if your users are actually watching can make adding CTA and retargeting more effective.
Smartphone showing how SeeSo's eye tracking can be used for testing with heatmaps

Non-click based recommendation systems

Increase sales by knowing where people are looking through non-click based recommendations
Phone screen that shows online advertising with eye tracking

Experience Mobile Web Gaze Analysis

Download the SeeSo Web analysis App and experience gaze tracking on any site for free!
Smartphone showing how SeeSo's eye tracking can be used for testing with heatmaps

The New Normal

Find out how eye tracking helps with the New Normal in remote education, remote testing, and video conferencing!


Privacy is our top priority.
To ensure users are fully aware of what is being tracked,
users must grant permissions to begin the creation of gaze data.
All gaze data creation and image processing occurs locally on device.
This means we do not upload any video data of users’ faces.
We abide by Apple’s Legal Policy.
Download our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details.

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