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Want to know where your users are looking without expensive hardware? The eyes don’t lie. SeeSo is an eye tracking software that provides valuable insights into where people are looking and how they are using your app and site. You can even give your users eye control! SeeSo has made eye tracking easy and accessible in education, digital therapeutics, business, and more.

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  • Kyowon
  • LGU
  • ChungDahm
  • Visang
  • Woongjin

Digital Therapeutics

  • DoBrain
  • DotSoft
  • Salpha
  • Dot


  • Millie

No hardware. Data in real time.

Seeso requires no hardware and provides data in real time. Our eye tracking software pinpoints how users are using your app and website so you can target your efforts in exactly the right places without the cumbersome and expensive costs of extra hardware.

By utilizing SeeSo’s proprietary visual concentration, you can know how focused users are at any given time during and after their session. Learn more how eye tracking can benefit your app!

How It Works

SeeSo is a software development kit (SDK) that can be easily and quickly integrated with your mobile application. Once integrated, your app can now provide eye control (scrolling or clicking with your eyes) and collect gaze data.

With SeeSo's eye tracking software and gaze analytics, you can know when users are looking, where they are looking, and for how long all in real-time.
SeeSo supports iOS, Android, Unity, Web (js), and Windows C++. SeeSo can be run on a phone, tablet, computer with a webcam, and virtually any device with a camera.
Smartphone showing how SeeSo's eye tracking can be used for testing with heatmaps

Are you a developer?

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