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Want to know where your customers are looking? The eyes don’t lie. Eye tracking software provides valuable insights into where people are looking and how they use your site. Tracking how people interact with you online can help in web design, marketing, business, education, and more—the applications are endless.


Understand Users' Intention

With SeeSo's eye tracking software and gaze analytics, you can know
when users are looking, where they are looking, and for how long all in real-time.

Want to know how customers are really using your app or website? It may be different than you think. Eye tracking software gives you exact data of what users are looking at so you can better understand their intentions.

Today’s customers may surprise you. The best way to understand your users is to literally see what they see. Put yourself in their shoes to see your site with fresh eyes. Eye tracking software helps you better understand your users and see things from a customer’s point of view. Know exactly what your customers are looking at to create a site they want to see.

Increase your revenue

Create Targeted Marketing

By utilizing SeeSo's proprietary visual concentration, gauge users' interest and increase revenue.

Optimize your marketing and re-targeting with gaze data.

Your marketing efforts might be wasted if they aren’t going to what customers are using. Eye tracking software pinpoints how customers are using your app and website so you can target your marketing efforts in exactly the right places. Increase your revenue with attention-grabbing messages that actually connect with customers.

For personalized marketing, the data breaks down by demographic so you can get a better view of how different types of users interact with your site. More data means more personalized experiences and better connections, which drives sales and long-term relationships. Increasing your revenue starts by knowing what your customers see.

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Use Cases
Three smartphones showcasing the gaze analysis on the SeeSo Web Analysis app

Remote Education

One of the benefits of teaching in a classroom is being able to understand students through body language. You can tell when they’re losing focus, if they are struggling, or if they’re even listening. With classes online and anywhere from 10-100s of students in a class, this has become impossible. With our free eye tracking software that's perfect for remote education, teachers can know in real time if students are paying attention to the material. Through accountability and transparency, parents can know if students are following along, and institutions can know how teachers are doing. Test it out for free today!
Three smartphones showcasing the gaze analysis on the aeeSoaWeb Analysis app
Remote Proctoring
From small quizzes to high stakes exams/trainings, eye tracking software can help you verify integrity while keeping costs low. SeeSo allows 1 proctor to be able to monitor many exam takers at the same time with the accuracy of a 1-on-1 session. You can also compare the gaze data to the aggregate to notify for abnormal behavior. No more video spoofing or looking at a different device with SeeSo. Don’t believe us? Try remote proctoring for free today.
Three smartphones showcasing the gaze analysis on the SeeSo Web Analysis app

Remote UX Testing

Sending expensive hardware or setting up 1-on-1 sessions with testers is time-consuming and can skew your data. Have testers test live on their phones while providing feedback with their eyes. Get quantifiable data for A/B testing in real-time. We believe seeing is believing so have unlimited free tests today!


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Three smartphones showcasing the gaze analysis on the SeeSo Web Analysis app

Validating Users

Knowing if your users are actually watching can make adding CTA and retargeting more effective.You may be surprised--what people pay attention to may be different than you think.

SeeSo’s eye tracking software takes the guesswork out of understanding customers. It measures where people are looking and for how long in real time, which helps you know how customers are using your site and what stands out to them. Understand user’s true interests by following where their eyes go. The technology also protects against fraud by detecting when robots are using the site instead of humans.

Seeing what customers see, creating more efficient websites, and targeting fraud—it’s all possible with eye tracking software.
Smartphone showing how SeeSo's eye tracking can be used for testing with heatmaps

Non-click based recommendation systems

Increase sales by knowing where people are looking through non-click based recommendations.

Customers crave personalized recommendations. Strong recommendations drive sales by showing people products they want and need. But to be effective, those recommendations have to be things customers are actually interested in and that are tailored to their lifestyle. Most recommendation data is pulled from what users click on or search for. But there’s also a wealth of information available just by what they look at. Free eye tracking pulls data of what users are looking at and for how long. That information can be turned into accurate product recommendations without users even making a single click.
Phone screen that shows online advertising with eye tracking

Experience Mobile Web Gaze Analysis

Download the SeeSo Web analysis App and experience gaze tracking on any site for free!

Eye tracking software adds a new tool to virtual connections by allowing you to see exactly what users are looking at and for how long. The applications are endless: companies can check the effectiveness of their websites with remote UX testing, business teams can see what messages stand out to customers, schools can proctor efficient remote exams—the list goes on and on.

The internet is the lifeblood of modern society. Take full advantage with tracking software to make sure your site is the best it can be. Don’t assume you know how the internet is used—gaze tracking software can help you know for sure.
Smartphone showing how SeeSo's eye tracking can be used for testing with heatmaps

The New Normal

Find out how eye tracking helps with the New Normal in remote education, remote testing, and video conferencing!

In our COVID-19 world, much of life is happening virtually. In-person learning provides body language cues from students, but remote education makes it difficult to really know if students are paying attention and if messages are getting through. SeeSo technology allows teachers and parents to know what their students are looking at. Teachers can use eye tracking software to make sure students are looking at the right things and paying attention. As students lose focus, their eyes start to wander. But real-time eye tracking can help teachers bring their classes back in for effective remote education.


Privacy is our top priority.
To ensure users are fully aware of what is being tracked,
users must grant permissions to begin the creation of gaze data.
All gaze data creation and image processing occurs locally on device.
This means we do not upload any video data of users’ faces.
We abide by Apple’s Legal Policy.
Download our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for more details.

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